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Ebonized Wood Chess Pieces

C-350 Ebonized & Boxwood Chess Pieces

Our Sizes in inches

King Height: 2.5” (inches)
King Base: 1” (inches)
What you’re getting:
• 34 pieces (2 extra Queens)
• Board and Storage Box are not included
Recommended board size:
• 1.2” (30.48mm) to 1.5” (38.10mm)


We are pleased to introduce C-350, our C-350 Ebonized & Boxwood Chess Pieces that blend traditional design with modern design to produce an item that is stunning in appearance and also functionally superior.

With precision and attention to every piece is carved with care from premium ebonized and boxwood. The contrast of the contrasting shades of black ebonized and natural boxwood bring a classy elegant look to the set, which makes it an outstanding accessory to every chess fan's collection.

They are precisely placed and balanced to give satisfaction of the hands and the stability of your game. When you're trying to execute a powerful checkmate, or trying to defend your king from any attack from your adversaries they offer an ideal balance between form and purpose.

The detailed design of each piece is a testament to high-end quality and superiority. From the graceful curvaces of the knights' torsos to the elegant appearance of the Rooks, every aspect is carefully thought of in order to increase the aesthetic appearance of the collection.

Created for casual players and competitive players alike Our C-350 Ebonized & Boxwood Chess Pieces provide exceptional durability and long-lasting. If you're playing friendly games with your family and friends or playing in a tournament that is intense These pieces have been designed to stand up to the demands of regular usage.

Their timeless beauty and excellent quality Our C-350 Ebonized & Boxwood Chess Pieces are not just games pieces. They are pieces of art which will be treasured for generations to be. Improve your chess playing experience by using this stunning set which combines elegance, tradition, and athleticism in the perfect balance.

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